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There are two general styles of beer:


Ales – Traditionally characterized as having 'fruity' 'estery' notes. Etymologists have traced the word 'ale' back to the Latin root word 'alu', which has connotations to magic, sorcery, and intoxication (that sounds about right!). Ales are brewed with a top-fermenting yeast type, 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae' which are fermented at temperatures between 65 to 75°F.


Lagers – Traditionally characterized as having a clean or refreshing taste. Lagers are named after the process of how this beer was historically 'lagered' or stored in caves in cool temperatures after brewing. Lagers are brewed with a bottom-fermenting yeast type, 'Saccharomyces pastorianus' which are fermented at cooler temperatures between 45 to 55°F. 

Where the Magic Happens...


Malt – Lays the foundation for the body of the beer. The malt bill, which will be cracked and steeped in hot water to activate the enzymes in the malt causing them to break down and release sugars, creating the brewers wort. This wort will get fermented into alcohol.


Hops – Helps define the character of a beer through its bitterness, flavors, & aromatics.


The X-Factor (specialty ingredients or process of making) – from the groundwork of a beer’s malt & hop profile, the x-factor (this is not an industry term) is the inclusion of specialty ingredients or processes that take a traditional style in a new direction. These might include the addition of extracts, syrups, fruit infusions or use of processes such as barrel aging or open fermentation.

so find YOUR lake tribe beer

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